Sunday, January 27, 2008

A thundering herd of truth:

Despite Barack Obama winning a landslide victory in the South Carolina primary, we cannot assume that he will be the Democratic party nominee for president. There are few laurels to rest upon and far too much at stake. There's a long road ahead, and the Clinton campaign will roll out each and every well-paid, well-connected operative it has to shill for Hillary and smear Obama.

What his victory does tell us, however, is that we're one step closer to getting past the all-too-familiar storyline of wondering whether our nation is ready for a black president, or for that matter, a female president. What Bush's leadership, or lack thereof, has shown us over the past seven years is that change is not the campaign catchphrase du jour, it's an imperative.

Let's rock the vote, people. Don't look at the president seven years from now and wish you would have paid attention during primary season in 2008 so you wouldn't STILL be so incredibly disappointed, disillusioned and disgusted. Put down your US Weekly, remove your earbuds, pull the donut out of your cakehole and pay attention.

In case you haven't noticed, we have a lot to lose.

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Anonymous said...

To all of this, yes, Yes, YES!!!