Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Let's get awesome."

On Monday night I was in class, sitting in between two of my beloved former group mates, Jon and Dwayne. Our class was in the midst of a discussion about lessons learned from our group projects, which just wrapped up last week.

Dwayne (at left) was relaying to the group his personal feelings on the genesis of our group's project and said that, despite all of us being busy people with our own priorities, we were willing to take on a project that allowed us to help kids. He then related that sentiment to a greater context and said something to this effect:

"If I'm busy but you come at me with something totally awesome that I could spend time doing, then, you know, let's get awesome."

It couldn't have been said any better. So to all of you who lead busy lives but yearn for that fun, creative, collaborative and enriching experience that will likely take far more time and energy that you have to spare, I say:

Screw it. Let's get awesome.

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Dwayne Burtin said...

This is the first time I've been shouted out on a blog that I didn't write myself.

It won't be the last.