Friday, April 25, 2008

All in a flurry.

Sometimes you just get sick of things and want to make some changes. It's spring, after all. Peep the new look and take the survey at right.

On another note, I plan on posting more poetry here in the near future (see "Heaven" below). More work-in-progress type stuff, which I wouldn't normally do - my whole purpose in starting the blog was to keep myself in the practice of writing for something other than work. I haven't written any new poetry in some time, so I need a reason to keep myself at it. Whoever out there reads this thing, it's your job to holler at me if you don't see anything. I'll go crazy if I don't have an outlet...

That said, read up and tell me what you think. I have a thick skin. I can take it.


David J. said...

If you have thick skin, I can recommend a moisturizer.

Anonymous said...

Ooh...if it's honesty you're looking for re. the new layout, step away from the orange background. It's too harsh on the eyes. White was better. Still love the new header, though.