Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Home ownership, round two.

So satisfying, so frustrating. We've been having one hell of a time getting Casa de Nickels in order, but it will all be worth it soon. Better to do it right than to do it fast, I find myself saying. Besides, the Wrestling Dudes need proper context. They can't continue to lend a profound sense of gravitas, sportsmanship and homoeroticism to just any domicile. They need to thrive, my friends.

I promise to write more when I get out from under. I hope all three of you are doing well. If you've helped us paint or move large objects, thank you very much.

We will sit inside, look around, and drink to you very soon.


Elizabeth said...

I really hope you're not getting rid of the wrestling dudes. Those are stellar!

Jane said...

Hey, Brett! Now there are four of us! (I figured out how to comment as a plain old person rather than as a non-Blogger blogger.)

David J. said...

The original Bat Cave had the same wrestling guys on the walls, but they tend to leave that out in the cartoon versions.

Suggested names for Brett and Lauren's new house:

Mosquito Acres
Rancho Racine-oh
The OK Honey Corral
GasGrillich Village
Facial Hair Ranch
Painful Mortgage Landing
Chinese Food Delivery Venue
Marriage Gulch
Uncle Brett's NASCAR Clubhouse
The Triple Nickel Housing Project