Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some more Palin, shall we?

So, this infernal woman is on my mind lately. Here are some questions for anyone reading:

What will you do if McCain/Palin, God forbid, somehow manages to pull this thing off? What if McCain gets cancer again and has to cede power, even for a while, to Palin? What if, God forbid, the man dies? Are you on the next thing smoking to Toronto, Guadalajara, or the Lesser Antilles to set up a new life? Cut and run? Stay and fight the power?

What if (stretch your minds for a moment) Obama is right about America, right about the economy, right about our standing in the eyes of the World, right about healthcare and energy and everything else, yet by legitimate means or otherwise, the Republicans still win the election? What if that happens?

Eight years of Bush & Co. have shaken my faith in humanity. Any more of the same will make me doubt whether our nation is ever capable of change, or whether we have succumbed to fear for good.

Barack Obama is more than a symbol, or an orator or the sum of a well-oiled campaign machine. He is the right candidate at the right time. Go vote your asses off for change, and make them count.

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