Friday, April 9, 2010

Well, things have changed.

Good lord, has it really been this long? I'm sorry. I know no one is reading, but maybe I can turn it around. I feel like you're more likely to read if this is about something.

How about a baby?

I'm going to be a father in late July or early August. For the first time, I think.

We're so very excited to meet our daughter. Maybe I'm naive, but I'm not very scared or intimidated by the idea of being a father. Sure, there will be sleepless nights, crying and relentless pooping, but since we all know that's part and parcel of baby-ness, I'm not really concerned.

Stay tuned.

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Erika said...

I read...and I can't wait to follow this part of Brettness. Congrats again!